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Super Roots Air Pots


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The Superoots Air-Pot container is a recyclable, reusable growing system that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. This revolutionary approach to containerizing tree stock produces fabulous, non-spiralling root systems that are impossible to develop in any other available container. Made of recycled HDPE, the Superoots Air-Pot container is cylindrical in shape with a perforated sidewall, which is textured like an egg carton. There are no flat surfaces to deflect roots and start the spiralling process. The inward pointing cones direct the root towards the hole in the outward pointing cones where the air density in the soil is too great and therefore the apical cells at the very tip of the root dehydrate, or are air-pruned. The response of the plant to this air-pruning is to send out more roots to compensate for the loss, which leads to the build up of a dense and fibrous radial root system in a dramatically short time. Superoots Air-Pot containers can be made to any diameter in a variety of heights and can be used as pots complete with base or without a base. The real benefits of using Superoots Air-Pot containers are that they: Eliminate root circling. Reduce growing time on the nursery

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