Pokon Plant Spray Insecticide


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Pokon Ornamental Plant Spray Insecticide combats harmful insects: aphids, young caterpillars, thrips, and white fly on indoor and outdoor ornamental plants. With special valve to hold can upside down to spray the underside of the leaves. No danger to leaves due to evaporation chill.

Directions for use: Shake vigorously before use. Do not spray in excess so that the drops flow together and the plant becomes entirely wet. Repeat treatment after one week. Do not spray onto open blossoms nor in full sun, early morning or evening preferred. Direct sunlight can deactivate pyrethrins and make its insecticidal properties ineffective. Do not use for oleanders and Ficus benjamina, pot roses and Adiantum. Use with caution on young plants and new growth. Insects must be contacted by spray to be killed.


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250 ml,


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