Mondi Vinyl Saucers


Sturdy Mondi Super Saucers are the ideal gardening accessory to make potted plants more appealing.

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Just set your plant containers into the saucer and counters, floors and other surfaces are completely protected from water and dirt.

The roomy interior collects draining water and loose soil that escapes through a container’s base. Your home, grow room and greenhouse will be neater and cleaner and you can water/feed plants without worry. Excess water collects in the saucer and can be emptied easily. Some plants prefer having water readily available for their thirsty roots. In these situations the excess water will be naturally reabsorbed. You are also having a spill-free method of transferring your container-grown plantings to new locations. The sturdy black saucer provides a handy cover for the drain opening in the bottom of a plant container.

These affordable plant saucers help growers effortlessly maintain a cleaner environment. Keep water and dirt from ruining surfaces in your home and garden.  Designed to fit a wide range of plant containers, you can use these products to give your home and garden plants a professional and neat appearance.


  • Designed for easy-gripping
  • Sturdy construction
  • Solid black plastic composition
  • Waterproof

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8″ Saucer, 10″ Saucer, 12″ Saucer, 14″ Saucer


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