Guardian Angel


Hydroponic Specialty Nutrient

Guardian Angel fosters healthy plants that better resist harmful microbial attacks. It really is about good crop insurance

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#1 in Root Rot Prevention Through Plant Health


Guardian Angel is a non living blend of composted fertilizers, root zone soil amendments, inert nutritional salts and natural bacteria derived enzymes. These enzymes aid microbes in producing carbohydrate-binding proteins, the lectins, and to enhance macro and micro nutrient availability to the symbiotic beneficial bacteria in the plant root hair zone. The availability of these enzymes and nutrient substrates promote the growth of natural soil microbial communities and best supports the uptake of nutrients required for the plants natural defense activation and growth. Guardian Angel fosters healthy plants that better resist harmful microbial attacks. Guardian Angel hovers over your whole growing system and promotes a healthy maintenance of your lines, pumps and hydroponic components.
Works in Soilless mix too!

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500 ml, 1 Ltr


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