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Using Doktor Doom Residual Insecticide Spray kills ants on contact and continues to kill for several weeks. When foraging worker ants discover a source of food or water, they lay down a chemical track, which guides worker ants towards a food source and back to the nest. The ants will die as they crawl over the insecticide spray .Residual sprays such as Doktor Doom Residual Insecticide Spray stay effective for several weeks.

For virtually every indoor ant problem use Doktor Doom Residual Insecticide Spray. This involves eliminating food, water and other sources that make homes attractive to ants.
Clean up food crumbs and beverage spills. A tiny crumb is enough to attract dozens of ants into your home once a worker ant has discovered the food and puts down a pheromone trail back to the nest.

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