Doktor Doom Fumigator


Doktor Doom Fogger – Kills Bed Bugs UNSCENTED Total Release Fogger made with Pyrethrin provides quick reentry times to treated areas 1-3 hours. Total Release Foggers flush out insects from their hiding places and kills them on contact. Total Release Foggers are contact sprays only and have no Residual activity. Total Release Foggers kill exposed insects only-they do not kill eggs or larvae 1 ounce treats 1000 cubic feet of unobstructed area L x W x H = Cubic Feet. 150 Grams = 5.35oz Ideal for use in areas where treating tight spaces is difficult- attics, garages, sheds, under enclosed porches and other areas like greenhouses, barns etc. Safe for use on several kinds of Plants.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 25 cm

170 grams, 400 grams


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